Wednesday, March 26, 2008

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAIME!!! today is my adored brother in laws 30th birthday!!! i cant believe its actually here, because we have been teasing him for as long as i can remember about being the "old one" out of the group. i guess that means its time to start on the turning 40 jokes!! i feel so blessed to have him for my brother in law, but more important, my kids uncle. he is the BEST uncle in the whole world!! my kids are addicted to their tio "woo", and he is equally addicted to them. being a mom, it means the world to me to know that my children have such amazing people in their lives. the best part is that he is a humble fire fighter/paramedic ~ which to me means that i can rest at ease every time he is around because if ~ God forbid ~ they do choke on something, i know that tio woo will come to the rescue!!! im serious ~ i love that feeling!!!! here are a couple shots from easter. i had an amazing day ~ how was yours?? the weather was perfect, we flew kites, i got a little sun, and a big ol' easter egg hunt!! so much fun!!
alright, it back to packing for us ~ or me!!!

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