Thursday, March 27, 2008

hi!! so yesterday was my brother in laws birthday and we went out to celebrate ~ and man oh man we had a blast!!! we had an amazing group of friends together and my babies were in good hands ~ so we could rest assured and enjoy the night!! oh yeah, no worries at all..... except the fact that we are leaving TODAY for a ten day cruise!!! agghhhh!!! so, im off to spend the rest of the day packing, cleaning and running up to temec to drop off violet and preparing for anything else that can (and probably will) come my way. i hope everyone misses me!!! ;) i will be back well rested (well see about that) and full of new photos to scrap (yeah, can you believe it, i need new photos to scrap because im all caught up ~ NOT)!!! but i plan on doing lots of creating when i return ~ i wish i could sneak on my tool kit and a few kits just for fun!!! ~peace~

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