Wednesday, March 12, 2008

just real quick ~ okay ~ first things first.... i went ahead and changed the date of my "thousand words" mini album that i am teaching at its about time scrapbooks in murrieta. the class will be sunday (a better day for all, right?) the 13th of april at 1:00. hopefully that day works out better for on my "list of things to mention" ~ i have a sneak peak of the acrylic mini album that i am teaching at ever after next thursday ~ not tomorrow, but the next thursday. i know its a little late notice, but i was waiting on the paper.... i didnt want to settle for anything but!!!
call and save a spot (760)433-9313!! okay gotta go!!

1 comment:

Euphoria said...

Hi Allyson!! I had such a great time at your class last night!! I love my new mini acrylic album!!! Super Cute Album ya got there for next weeks Ever After class... I love how you used the word "play" in it, again- LOL :)



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