Tuesday, March 11, 2008

my next class that i am teaching at its about time scrapbooks in murrieta. okay, so i know i promised to have my classes the first thursday of every month, but its not going to happen in april ~ SORRY :). this class is monday night, the 14th of april at 5:30. may, june, july and so on, i will be back teaching the first thursday of every month. with that said, this is my mini album created using the amazing paper by teresa collins. we ~ and when i say "we" i mean MEL ~ thought that the perfect title for it would be "a thousand words", and i couldnt agree more. i love it. this little guy is ~ for me ~ a collection of all of my favorite pictures from last year. i was also thinking, though how much fun it would be to theme this little album out. maybe a weekend away, or a certain month, or just pictures of yourself, or a trip to disneyland, or, or, or, or,,,,,,, thats what i love about this album, it really isnt specific to one certain theme. i think that after the class, i will be adding more pages because i had a really hard time choosing just a few of my favorite photos!!

i hope you likey!! if you do ~ call!! ;) (951)304-3422

the sample will be at the store tomorrow


Mel said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE it girl!!!! You are such a sweetpea! I'm so excited to have that fabulous book at our store...I love the Teresa Collins Journal It Collection too...and you have done such a wonderful job showcasing her awesome designs...I love that this album could be so many things to so many people...they can theme it whatever THEY want...however, I do LOVE the title: A Thousand Words...
A picture is SO worth atleast that... =D
Love YOU!!!!

Bobbi said...

I LOVE TC's LINE!!!!! and you have done such a great job incorporating your style into it. The album is beautiful!!

Christie said...

I love what you created! Don't you just LOVE, love, love Teresa Collin's line? It's so fun to use. I wish I lived near enough to take your class! If you want to check out what I've been doing with TC stuff visit my blog at: http://prettypaperbook.com/blog/
Awesome work girl!


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