Tuesday, April 8, 2008

here we are!! we are back from a fabulous vacation in the caribbean sun!!! its so nice to have dark skin again ~ i love to be tan!!! here are a few ~ and just a few ~ fun photos from our trip!!
we got back late last night and i missed my blog, but came home to no blog love!! kinda makes me wonder ~ does anyone read my blog?!?!? poor me.... is anyone out there?? anyone?? anyone?? anyone?? buler... buler.... buler....... anyway so glad to be home!!


Bobbi said...

We missed you

TrulyEarnest said...

I checked on your blog everyday, lol-----just waiting for you to come back!

Anonymous said...

allyson - i check out your blog! i love seeing what you are up to...beautiful pictures from the vacay! i love ya! erica

Lauren Hampton said...

I read, it just takes me a few days. I'm trying to commit to writing in my blog at least evey few days. I must say that I am in need of some serious blogger lessons!!!



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