Sunday, May 25, 2008

are you kidding me?!?! where exactly does time go??? yes ~ i feel *so* guilty for ignoring my blog ~ better yet,,, i feel like it has been kick to the curb ~ BUT that isnt my main concern today!!!! back to my question "where does the time go?" my main man turned three today!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DUDE!!! mama loves!!! i have more coming soon,,,,, promise ~ but after a day at disneyland thrusday, a little play day friday, saturday (dont know where it went), and then today,,, we spent the day at the zoo ~ mama is spent!!!! the cool part is at one point or another,,, i got to see all of my *favorite* peps today ~ love you girly!!! alright, i think im about to fall asleep on this keyboard that isnt even mine ~ why?!?! because our internet flat out sucks!! im over it.........gosh ~ i love him like crazy!!!!! alright ~ more later, more later ~ swear!,!,!,!,!,,,,, ~outtie~

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Lauren Hampton said...

Funny to read this post. I just shared the whole time flying by sentiment on my blog tonight. Megan turned 7 today. Damn time is speeding! Let's scrap this week!



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