Friday, May 16, 2008

hi!!!! this is my pieces of my from mother day,,,, daniel *loves* picking flowers and he gave this one to me on mothers day ~ by the way ~ HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO EVERY MOTHER OUT THERE!!! ~ motherhood is by far *the best* thing in the whole wide world ~ but very, very demanding, so with that, i salute every mother out there!! cheers to us!!! by the way ~ my internet is ~ YES still down,,,, if you have sent me an email ~ i have only had a few minutes here and there ~ every few days to get online so im so, so, so sorry,,,,,,
anyway, i have my class sample of "the great outdoors" which i will be teaching at pink pineapple on 12 july at 1:00. do you know that feeling when you complete a project and you feel *so good* about it?!?!? i love the way this puppy is turning out,,,,, here are a few sneak peaks....
so ~ there it is ~ i hope you likey,,,, mama *loves*........
alright, moving right along ~ CLEAR YOUR SCHEDULE ~ mama has some classes coming up like crazy!!! im booked clear through august ~ and i *loves*

its about time has me set for
  • 8 june 1:00 "life is beautiful"
  • 13 july 1:00 "id pick you"
  • 10 august 1:00 "a lil' somethin' somethin' "(registered trademark ~ :-) )*****

pink pineapple has me set for

  • 31 may 1:00 jennie bowlin card class
  • 31 may 3:00 "stay beautiful"
  • 29 june 1:00 "a lil' somethin' somethin' *(again~ registered trademark)*****
  • 12 july 1:00 "the great outdoors"
  • 27 july 1:00 "a lil' somethin' somethin' " *****
  • 31 august 1:00 "a lil' somethin' somethin' " *****

ever after has me for

  • 22 june 1:00 "a lil' somethin' somethin' " *****
  • 26 june 10:00 "a lil' somethin' somethin' " *****
  • 3 august 1:00 " a lil' sometrhin' somethin' " *****

so there you have it ~ my plan of attack for then next few months....... i hope all is well with all of the peps out there that check my blog,,,,,
*****oh yeah,,, the "lil' somethin' somethin' are classes that we have planned, but the ideas are in the works, but you know i will do my very, *very* best to keep you updated,,,,


1 comment:

Euphoria said...

Ohhhh... its so nice!! Love it! I wish I was "outdoorsy" just so I can take this class! I hate the outdoors, only the beach, and thats it for me!

Love this album though, super cute- as always!!


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