Saturday, May 31, 2008

h~e~l~l~o ladies!!! class was great today uh?? we cranked out those cards just in time for me to start my second class!!! good stuff ~ thank you to everyone that spent a few hours of their day with me ~ and thank you to pink pineapple for showing me some love!!! so last night was nuts!! i dont know what the heck i was thinking, but it all kinda dawned on me that i had two back to back classes the next day and i had yet to cut a single piece of paper!! some how i pulled it off ~ although i did have to send in the reserves ~ good ol' hubbs!!! he was sweet to offer his help and i took him up on it,,,, and he did a great job!!! so sweet, i couldnt pass up an oppentunity to snap a quick photo, then quickly return back to work.....i always try to find a way to make sure that each and every person that takes my class knows how much i appreciate them,,,, i also try to make the gift useful,,,, these babies doubled as a "goodie tin" that held all of their card embellishments,,,
just a shot or two of class today,,, if you ask me ~ i thought it was great!!! i didnt take any photos of the second class, but these two ladies were such a great way to end the day. they even welcomed me to sit down with them as they created their *stay beautiful* minis,,,,
hubbs took the kids to the wild animal park ~ they had a blast!!! alright, so thats, that,,,, i will be creating some minis using this line and this line to teach at the pink as well,,,, alright, alright ~ yes ~ they are both travel themes, but who doesnt have new and old travel photos that need to be scrapped?!?!? yep, that what i thought, ill see you there,,,, so keep a lookie out, ill post my sample as soon as its ready,,,
~*~*~ side note ~ okay so, spell check isnt working ~ and im queen of spelling errors, if you see one, or two, or three, or more,,,, please forgive me ~ i rely completly on my computer for spell check ~ darn,,,,

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Krystie and Teri said...

Your card class kicked a** this weekend!! I had so much fun, can't wait to take more. Oh but wait, even better, that yummy "Wild Child" Acrylic album you are teaching next at Pink is uh..let's say....SOOOO ME. I will be there!! Cheers ally cat.


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