Wednesday, June 4, 2008

alright ~ lets make this short and sweet ~ sound good?!?! going in order,,, my class this sunday has two spots left ~ im teaching at its about time in murrieta 1:00 ~ call to reserve your spot (951)304*3422 ~ *loves it*
okay, now that we got that out of the way,,, i am finishing up all of the final touches on my acrylic mini album that i will be teaching at ever after 22 june (my favorite friends birthday =( ** ) class is at 1:00. ill post some photos when its all done!!! mama likey!!!
moving right along,,,,, for all of you card classer, taker, peps,, i will teaching another card class!!! so excited about this!!! i had such an amazing time teaching at pink pineapple this past saturday, that im gonna do it all over again. 27 july, i will be there all day again. 12:00 is my card class and 2:00 will be a travel mini album. of course ill post pictures as soon as ive got somethin' to show!!!
alright, im done for now ~ i hate not being at home on my own computer,,, i miss her (my laptop, of course) soooo much!!!!

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