Saturday, June 28, 2008

hey ~ what the heck?!? where have you been?? (kinda funny right??) sorry, my internet is playing tricks on my again ~ but it could be worse, it could have flown completely off the handle bars (ahhh country livin') ~ anyway,,,, yeah so this class was "so last week", but you know me, i always like to post a few class photos, especially the second one ~ its so stinkin' cute!!! *thank you ladies for being sooo amazing*,,,,, which reminds me, these kits will be available in the store probably next month sometime ~ ill keep you posted,,,,here are a few photos of a completed album by the pretty, pretty jessica ~ thanks for sharing them with me girly!!! i *love* seeing completed classes all put together....
daniel picked these for me in our front yard and i had to share ~ arent they pretty??? i always *try* to take pictures of the flowers he picks for me so that they last forever!!!
ive just been doing a little creating ~ and preparing for class this weekend at pink pineapple. i *so* appreciate all of you amazing peps that take the time to take my class ~ makes me so happy!!!so the last few days, i have actually been trying to slow myself down,,, take a little breather ~ it feels good ~ really good!!! i bought my kids a blow up pool and the last few days we have been playing, playing, playing in it!!! its so nice. i really, really needed a little break!!! i took the opportunity to snap a little pieces or me while playing lifeguard in the kiddie pool.
alright, ive got some creating and preparing to do,,,


euphoria said...

awww yeaya- thanks for sharing my mini- I LOVE IT! I went out to buy that Berry Sweet line, it's adorable... I'm making my baby girl's birthday invitations with it!!

You should totally start a kit club!

euphoria said...

wow, I thought I was a slacker at updating my blog! J/K

Hope you are well... can't wait to see some Wild Child photos. Have a safe 4th of July!


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