Friday, July 4, 2008

HAPPY FORTH OF JULY!!! be safe out there,,, what is everyone doing for the day?? i went searching through flickr, and searched 4th of july pictures and picked out my favs. i only went through ten pages and got this many!!! i love flickr!!! and because i suck and still havent mastered the mosaic, here they are,,, just pretend they are laid out all cool like in a graph like form,,,, and there you go,,, i hope you likey,,,, so last week when i was preparing for my wild child class, i had to work and of course the kids had to swim in our little blow up pool ~ the result?!?!
i love when i have good ideas,,,, so i only took one picture during last weeks class ~ here is the ever so cute nelly proudly displaying her wild child mini!! too, too cute!!!!
alright, so enough for now ~ we are heading to the beach today ~ i hope everyone has a great day!!! take lots of pictures!!!

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