Saturday, June 14, 2008

i cant believe it ~ my lil' brother graduated from high school yesterday!!! hes all growed up now!!! haha,,, yeah right!! as i was sitting there yesterday, watching my little brother go through exactly what i went through exactly ten years ago, i couldnt help be reflect on that day i sat in that very same football field, patiently waiting for the beach ball to bounce over my way. yeah, that was pretty much all i had on my mind as speech after speech ran over the loud speaker. at the moment, it seems as thought that is the biggest and greatest time of your lives, now looking back ~ was it a big deal?? of course ~ BUT its crazy how really and truly, their lives are just beginning. welcome to the real world little brother!!!daniel *loves* to pick me flowers, i know i said that before, but i still get as kick out of it!!! he picked me three as we walked back to the car after the graduation ceremony. by the tim i could snap a shot about a half a hour later, they were almost gonners, but i dont care, i still think he is the sweetest little boy. so, with that, here is a little pieces of me action working....... oh yeah, and check out what i was finally able to get my hands on!! go figure, i try to get it at barnes and noble, but didnt succeed, i got it at jo anns. so excited to add another elise something or another to my collection!!!and how was i supposed to resist not posting this picture!!! my little man rocking a bob marley t shirt?!?! so rad ~ life is good!!!

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