Sunday, June 15, 2008

HAPPY FATHERS DAY to my hubbs and my pops!!! i love you guys,,, lots!!!
so my dad ~ the ham wanted me to take these pictures using daniles "S" sticker (my mom got for him to adhere to any of his t shirt), and his blankie for props. here are the results,,,,
i think the second photo is a pose he had always had in mind!! the best part is that i had printed up 4X6's of these two photos and gave them to my dad. after a good laugh he handed them back to me. i told him that i printed extras, thinking he might want copies himself. he straight up told me "i dont want these, i want them bigger."!! yup, so for fathers day, guess what my pops got?!?! 10X13 framed photos of himself, just as you see him here!!! good, good stuff right here. *side note* i totally wanted to do a mothers day post, but didnt for two reasons ~ one being that my mom doesnt like to take pictures (unlike my pops), so i dont have one,,, second is that my internet wasnt around those days, so my posting was few and far between, but it isnt because i dont think my mom is equally as great as my dad ~ they both rock!!!! maybe ill do a late mothers day post just for her,,,, hmmm,,,,,,

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Mom said...

Hi Allykitty--I check your blog out every day, I love it--it's totally entertaining, anyway, I'm going to start leaving you notes like a good Mom should. I love all the pictures of your kids, I want some. I'm in definite need of a Sofia picture (I've had a lot of complaints that I don't have a latest and greatest picture of her on my counter). Okay, that's it for now, need to scoot, but I'll be back.
Love, Mom


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