Sunday, July 27, 2008

dont hate me because im organized,,,,, haha,,,, okay, okay you got me ~ im not so organized, but i am super excited about these new tim hotlz tin organizers that i just hooked up!!! how pretty do my stickels look?!?!?! anyway, after two amazing classes back to back ~ needless to say, im pooped!!! i had a great time and thank you to pink pineapple and ever after!!!! i did go ahead and book my next two card classes at pink and stay tuned for those dates and samples ~ have i told you ~ I LOVE TEACHING CARD CLASSES!!!! mama likey so much!!!! alright, im soooo out,,,,,,

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Lauren Hampton said...

Makes me miss all the stickles that were so sadly snaked from me!!! Guess I'll just bite the bullet and order the case and all the stickles I'm missing to replace them finally. I hate continually going for a color I know I have, only to be reminded that it was STOLEN!! Now when I have them all again I might just have to throw out another "sprinkler" dance.(You know you loved the first one!)


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