Sunday, July 27, 2008

hey check me out ~ preparing for tomorrows class (aaaa,,,, err,,, i mean todays class) at the beach!!!! i was really sewing these babies on the sand today, i had to shoot a picture for proof ~ no one would believe me!!!!! a lil' piece of me action,,,
a little hand made love for tomorrows card class ~ cant wait to see you ladies there!!!!

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Mom said...

Hi Allykitty--Here I am checking in, it's 11:32 Tuesday evening but I had to check your blog before I laid my head on my pillow, I check you out every day. Your blog is so cute, I love every little bit. I can't believe all the cute pictures you have of D+S,I would love some (maybe for my birthday). I loved seeing the pictures of our beach vacation, I had a great time with you, Cardo and the kids. Oh, great one on the spidey man stickers, you're a great Mom.
Love, Mom


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