Wednesday, July 16, 2008

i am beside myself with glee right now ~ im super tired ~ of course, but im so happy!!! i spent the day with hubbs in la finding fun notions, ribbons, rhinestones, and, and, and, and,,,,,, im so inspired by the shops i checked out up there today,,,, i love the feeling of being inspired ~ the only problem is that i want to create right now ~ but there is no way my body has much more left in in (not to mention ~ as i go back and proof read this, i really should leave the mistakes so you *get it* ~ im tiiiirrreeeddddd),,,,,,, im so excited about teaching and kitting ~ i dont know if anyone really truly understands how amazing this feels and how excited i really, really, really, really am!!!! my goal is ~ always has been ~ and always will be to bring something different to the table. i love to walk around scrap stores, office supply stores, craft stores and even target to see how i can use an item and incorporate it into a creation of mine. with that said, i know that my shopping day today in la was a huge success and i cant wait to share a *few* pictures of what i found and took home with me,,,,,, since i cant be in chicago ~ might as well give myself my own little cha ~ uh?!?!?
i cant even wait to go again!!!!
~night, night~


Euphoria said...

you scored some SWEETNESS!!! Love it ALL- the little guns are so cute!

Can't wait to see what creations you put together with these goodies!

pj said...

i can't wait to see what u do with the littke guns and r those handcuffs??? you kill me!!!

The England Family said...

I love the little guns and handcuffs. I just went to my brother's academy graduation last night and he is a cop now!! How perfect those little trinkets would be to make something for it!

TrulyEarnest said...

OOOOO Ally, Love your finds girl!!!


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