Tuesday, July 15, 2008

suuppp ~ so i dont know if youre in on the latest buzzz ~ were talking scrapbook kits baby!! they are hot ~ hey, i have to admit i have even picked up one or two for myself!! sometimes its nice to have some no-brainer scrapbooking time ~ right?? first thing tomorrow mornin' im making a drop off at the post office to ship out some kits,,, if you likey one, please let me know,,,, with that said ~ how did i go on with out mentioning i am not officially doin' my share to help the environment!!! so, so stoked on my new ride,,, mama got a yukon hybrid and im in love!!! now i can wear my "trees are for hugging" t and not be a poser,,,,,it even has cute little symbols,,,,
other than that ~ i cant get over how amazing the new sassafrass lass is,,,, oh how i wish i were in chicago right now rubbing elbows with elsie and allison,,,,,,,,

1 comment:

pj said...

you have to let me know how that hybrid thing works out. does it live up to the hype???


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