Thursday, July 31, 2008

im so excited ~ my favorite season(s) and holiday(s) are on their way,,,, starting with halloween... daniel and sofia were even kinda getting into the decorations at michaels yesterday, i couldnt help but take a few pictures in the isles of my favorite pieces,,,,
,,,,,and im so lovein' all the cha halloween products that i keep coming across. i have an amazing idea for a class that i will be teachin' at pink pineapple sunday 26 october 1:00,,, ill *of course* show peeks of this little cutie as it comes to life!!!! i hope everyone is having a good day!!!

~ciao bella~

1 comment:

scs said...

Ally--Are you kidding me (hands on hips?!) That Halloween isle is totally your cup of tea (or iced coffee). I'm going shopping for the girlfriend.


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