Saturday, August 2, 2008

i just completed a invitation order for a good friend of mine and it kinda all occurred to me ~ call me crazy, but christmas is right around the corner. if you are planning on using me (again) or for the first time to create your christmas greeting cards or holiday party invitations, lets get to chatting right away,,,, please email me at i had quite a few card orders last year that kept me pretty busy (and i looooved every crazy minute of it), and that was before i was teaching, so i know that im going to need more time this year. i figured i would show you all some of the cards and invitations that i have worked on for last christmas and over the past few months,,,,, if you want to see more, you can go here or here or here or here . here is the order i just completed ~ for a bridal *fiesta* not shower,,,,,this was actually an order from last year ~ i think i made over a hundred and something, out of respect for the client, i placed our photo in the photo spot instead of blasting her children all over the web without her knowing,,, most of these cards and invitations are mounted on chipboard, making them more sturdy.
our christmas cards from last year. i used two different photos because i couldnt pick which one to use. our greeting and our photo are both mounted on chipboard,,,,
another card order from last christmas,,,, i love this one and got a lot of positive feedback....

christmas party invitation ~ mounted on chipboard and topped off with elegant photo corners and a large velvet ribbon,,,,
and finally a childrens birthday invitation from a few months ago,,,, which reminds me, now i need to work on sofias invitations,,,,
alright, so thats all for now. i hope you all have an amazing weekend and i hope we can work together to create fun and elegant cards or invitations,,,,

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