Wednesday, August 27, 2008

alright ~ so i got *tagged* by missy pj, as i may have mentioned,,,, im so excited!!!! here i go,,,, here are seven fun and random facts about me,,,,

1. i am the first girl born into my family for well over a hundred years,,, true story,,, all the women in my family (dads side im talking, of course) have been married into the family,,,, there are at least four generations of men born into the *skarin* family (by the way thats my madden name),,,no women,,,,

2. im crazy about disneyland. i love it ~ i can honestly say that i feel the magic whenever i go. we have always been able to get in at the bargain price of *free*, so i grew up very blessed going as often as i felt necessary,,,, and i still do!!!! i love it there,,, truly, it is the happiest place on earth,,,,,its cool too because my hubby feels the same way,,,,, :)

3. im 100% positive that a scrapbooker and a golfer belong together,,,, if you know me, you have heard me say it before, but i truly believe it with all my heart..... not to say that a scrapbooker and a non-golfer wouldnt work, but there is something to be discovered in the make-up of a golfer and a scrapbooker,,, and they work... period.... maybe its because "you" (as in ~ a married or committed couple) always need to support each others hobbies and maybe its because a golfer and a scrapbooker are very, very passionate about what they do,,,, who knows, i just feel it,,,,,

4. i love pink, no i really love, love pink!!! every shade of pink makes me giddy,,,, i love it!!! im a big fan of all colors that are bright, but pink, fuchsia, baby pink, bubble gum pink, all the guys are amazing to me,,,, i love 'em,,,5. i loooove taking pictures ~ of course,,, and im sure you would say the same about yourself,,, but i bet if you and i went head to head, i would win!!! i take sooooo many pictures, and i love it. good thing im married to a *ham*!!!! but this, too, goes a bit further,,, im also a big ~ let me correct HUGE fan of taking picture of myself,,,, yep, i must confess,,,, its fun to flip the camera over, snap one, or two, or three,,,, of me by myself, or with my man or the babies,,,,, i loves it!!!!
6. i love vacation, i have a tad bit of a wondering heart,,,, a piece of my heart actually resides in vegas,,, i actually plan on getting married there one day ~ to ricardo of course, but i just think there is, again, something magical about vegas. maybe its all the oxygen in the casinos,,, or whatever, i just want to be married by elvis with fake silk flowers,,,, and let me make this clear ~ im not a big ol' elvis fan or anything or the sorts, maybe its because we had an crazy, over the top, once in a lifetime, invite everyone you know wedding,,, maybe,,,, or maybe some part of me loves staying up till 7:00 a.m., you know cause of the oxygen,,,,,,
7. im actually a tad bit shy ~ no really, i swear,,, i really, really, really am,,,,, ask anyone who knows me,,, it always takes me a while to "let loose", i am very much aware of my strong,, energetic personality,,,, i choose very carefully whom i think might be able to handle it,,,, i promise,,,,

So here are the rules:
(1) The winner can put the logo on their blog.
(2) Link the person you received your award from.
(3) nominate at least 7 other blogs.
(4) Put links of those on yours.
(5) Leave a message on the blogs of the girls or boys you’ve nominated.

alright,,,, now on to who i picky pick,,,,, hmmm,,,,, alright i pick,,,
lauren ~she is so sweet, so fun and shes got that "go get 'em" attitude ~ and i love it!!!

kritstie ~ mind boggling talent,,,, remember when she didnt like mini albums?? ha!!!

lisa ~ and im totally stealing one of pjs reasons, i want to motivate her to update her blog more too!!!

candice mclean ~ i dont know if she likes to play these, but we will try,,, by the way have you ever taken one of her classes??? candice is a really big reason why i thought that i would or even could teach when mel first asked me,,, i email candice for advise and she was an amazing support team,,, i would take every single one of candices classes if i could, if i had more time,,, i have signed up for her classes sight unseen, knowing that she was going to fill us up with new techniques and we would walk away with an amazing project,,,, so anyway, needless to say ~ this girly girl is the very best!!!! im such a candice mclean fan!!!

jessica ~ she is so rad,,,, i met her in one of my classes, actually the first class i taught at pink pineapple... she is so much fun to have around!!!!

nelly ~ another rad one,,, she is so encouraging,,, always,,, she really tries to come to all of my classes, and thats an amazing feeling,,,

casey rivas ~ also dont know if shell play,,, but its worth a try,,, another amazing local talent that im so excited about,,,, i love her stuff ~ its so unique, fun and playful,,,,

alright, well this was fun ~ i love it!!!!



Ghia said...

Cute post!
I love Vegas too...I'm always trying to convince my husband to have a cheesy vow renewal there!!

TrulyEarnest said...

OK...I could have guessed you were a little bit shy, but over the top, naw.

You are so cute!

TrulyEarnest said...
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TrulyEarnest said...
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Lauren Hampton said...

ok, so just sevev random facts? If it's that simple I can do that. Hmmmm, now to think. I'll come up wti something and post tonight. Thanks for "tagging" me!


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