Tuesday, September 2, 2008

hey ~ look at me!!! ive got business cards!!! i guess ill need to order "the business women special" like romy and michelle from now on uh???,,,,, you know ~ right?!?! romy and michelles high school reunion,,, alright, so you know when youre going to take a photo ~ just to put it on your blog,,, and youve got to have a cool back ground right??? tell me im not the only one,,,, anyway, i looked no further than my new day of the dead ~ or better yet dia de los muertos bath robe i just picked up from target,,, cute pocket uh?!?! anyway, pj, i was really jealous of your post when you said you had just gotten your cards, cause i knew mine were right behind yours!!!! i do have to give big ~ huge props to lauren for her creating these and working hand in hand with a graphic designer,,, that i dont know,,,, but i will find out,,, well, i do know his name is dylan, but thats all i know,,,, ill find out,,,, **wow ~ reading this back, i kinda was all over the place,,, hope you can follow,,,,**i forgot to share these next two photos,,, rica and i went out of town last weekend, to costa mesa ~ i looove it there,,,, anyway, i had to go to the lab {the anti mall} ~ have you ever been?!?! amazing,,, i love it there too!!! kinda my old stomping grounds *actually this whole area of costa mesa*,,,, anyway, there was an amazing piece of artwork on the side of urban outfitters and it reads *hope* ~ i just loved it and had to share,,,,
and of course, you know because i am who i am,,,, i couldnt resist this halloween card that kept me laughing at the san clemente car wash,,,, so funny,,, i dont even remember what the inside said, but who cares!?!?! this is good stuff right here,,,,,
alright ~ im out,,,,, night,,,

1 comment:

pj said...

love your card! doesn't it make u feel sooo official??? and the last picture...kills me!!!


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