Thursday, August 7, 2008

~ correction, i started this post last night and couldnt finish i was sooo tired!!! so this actually all took place yesterday (a little side note) ~
today ended up being so sweet,,,, i started my day with lunch with an amazing girly from high school ~ i miss her. i took my class sample over to ever after, so now it is there for you to enjoy!!! i also dropped off more *california dreamin'* kits as per request!!! there are a few there, so if you wanted one and didnt get it, go, go, go,,,, or you can email me and i can ship one to you!!!
then i headed over to pink pineapple and dropped off three *hello vacation* kits,,, only three ~ so you can call and reserve one or run down there if you wanted one of those babies,,,,
i was so inspired by elsie (i know, i know ~ surprise, surprise) and this post that i decided to totally copy her ~ although im not off to a good start ~ i have to admit,,,, today i was going to take it easy ~ totally easy,,, go work out, play with my kids maybe a lil' lunch with my mom, and last night i swore that i wasnt going to *think* about scrapbooking today,,,, well as you can tell, im doing this post, but thats it ~ no more scrapbooking for me today!!! wish me luck,,,, mama just needs a little breaky break,,,,, i even copied elsies idea and took a picture of the clouds yesterday morning ~ yesterdays weather started out so weird,,,,
after all of my errands (sorry, my day yesterday is totally jumping all around now), i took my babies to the wild animal park. just for fun!!! daniel picked me a flower ~ actually a few flowers,,,, but i love 'em!! and a lil pieces of me,,,,
i love the wild animal park,,, i was actually able to talk hubbs into meeting us there for dinner. the kids and i were there five hours!!! thats a long time considering we went last minute and we got there at 4:00. oh yeah, and my kid with no shirt ~ i swear thats not the typical ~ i must explain,,,, you see daniel wanted to run and play in the little water pad that they have there and he was trying to brave it and jump in from the side,,, well instead of landing on the soft rubber matting that surrounds the water area, he slipped in the mud,,,, therefore covered in mud, he wasnt happy... the only way to get him to calm down was to take the ol' shirt off. so there you have it!!! ill be back in a few,,,,, miss me,,,,,

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