Thursday, September 25, 2008

3:30 tomorrow morning i will be leaving my comfy cozy home to explore the unknown,,, my family and i are off to the heart of mexico.
i will be back next wednesday, just in time for my class at its about time in murrieta. call to save a seat (951) 304~3422,,, more information to the right,,,

~miss me~


pj said...

ohh girl....have fun!!! thanks for the camera info. knowing myself i'll probably get a "couple" and justify them as "back ups!" to the hubbs! lol! as long as mama is happy...everyone else can be happy too. u know what i mean?!?!? be safe and soak up some sun for me!
xoxo peej

A Sweet Escape said...

Have tons of fun Ally!!!! I'm having a blast putting my kits together!!! They are the coolest looking!!!

Lauren Hampton said...

I miss you, come home!!!!I have some goodies for you!!


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