Tuesday, September 23, 2008

hi,,, im sick,,,, i hate it,,,, daniel and i got the flu,,,, today is much better than yesterday (for both of us), but i still dont like the way im feeling. bummer. anyway, i have been creating and gathering all the bits and pieces that make up my little kits that i so am loving,,, i uploaded photos to the right side of my blog so that you can see at a glance which kits i currently have in stock. i will try to keep that as updated as possible,,, i have decided to go ahead and offer free shipping with a purchase of $100.00 or greater. i liked doing the free shipping, but its not something i can do all the time,,, therefore ~ again ~ if you spend over $100.00 in my kits, ill cover the shipping,,, until i change the rules again ;),,, just a quick shot of my prepin some more *id pick you* kits,,, on top of my halloween table cloth that i adore,,,,

the reunion was a blast!!! i want to go again next year,,, but i know i cant,,,
im gonna go rest,,, hahahahaaa,,, i wish,,,


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euphoria said...

Hope you feel better! I've been MIA and just caught up on your blog posts!! I have carpel tunnel on both hands and was banned from the computer for the past 3 weeks!! Missing scrapping too!!

I'm allowed 2 hrs of computer per day by the Dr. WOO HOO

Get well soon!!!


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