Wednesday, September 17, 2008

hi ~ ive got a few things up my sleeve,,,,,

1) first of all ~ THANK YOU ladies who sent me emails interested in my kits ~ i love this part of the scrapbooking world,,, so fun to me!!!! i actually got really excited and sent my hubbs to the post office today with a few items to place in the mail (early, i know), but i love getting other peps inspired to scrapbook ~ hey whatever i can do to help, im all in,,,,, so if you placed an order with me last night ~ first of all,,,,, THANK YOU (again) and second of all, i hope you get your kits by friday,,, yay!!!

2) next, i have a class tomorrow at ever after *id pick you* call,,,,,, (760)433-9313
c) did you notice i put a letter this time instead of a number?!?!?!

4) my *i pay your shipping* (man, i need a better name for my sell) special is still going on, but i must receive your order by tomorrow night,,,, i still have *most* of the kits listed below,,,,, drop me an email :)

5) i got a MRI today,,, have you ever had one?!?! kinda intense,,,, i had to go in this big ol' machine and wear headphones because it was loud enough to be a construction zone!!! i was in it for 15 minutes and ~ just to put my life into prospective ~ i actually succeeded in taking a nap while all of this was going on!!! mama is always tired,,,, anyway, we will see what happens next,,,, i so badly wanted to ask one of the nice doctors to take my picture while i was laying there (you know for blog purposes), but i lost the courage,,,,

6) what else?!?!? hmmm,,,, oh ~ i know, my high school reunion is this friday ~ its at the *house of blues* fun location huh??? thats actually where ricardos reunion was as well,,, a few months back,,,, i got a few dresses today to bring home so hubbs can help me pick which one to wear,,,, oh ~ and im getting my hair did tomorrow ~ you know a lil' touch up ;)

g) whoa ~ how could i forget to mention,,,, the *kit* listed below *loves it* is actually going to be a class,,, yep, ill be teaching it at its about time...scrapbooks and more saturday 4th of october!!! yay, its been a while since ive taught there, so im pretty excited!!!!

8) finally two random pictures,,,
~picture one ~ (i love my hat)

~and picture two ~funny, i just realized that both of those pictures were focused on flowers that daniel had picked for me!!! the top one is at sea world and the bottom was from our front yard,,, daniel picks me a flower each and every day,,,, sometimes more than one,,,, i always try to photograph them,,, it lasts longer... you know the old saying "take a picture it will last longer"?!?!?


p.s. you shoulda seen my spell check ~ whoa,,, im tired,,,,,,, ZZZZzzzzzz,,,,,,,,

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robamil said...

I just received my "DOCUMENT TODAY" kit in the mail:) I can not believe how fast it arrived. The kit is overflowing with goodies!!! I love the bright colors. My acrylic albums are usually some combination of pink & brown or pink & black. Take care Ally. Thanks again!


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