Friday, September 19, 2008

alright ~ so the kits have been shipped ~ THANK YOU!!! if you missed the cut off for the special i was having, im sorry,,, but there is hope,,, i think i might have to do this special again ~ it was fun and totally worth it!!! anyway, just wanted to thank those of you who participated and those of you who sent emails containing any sort of compliment or flattery (is that a word?? whatever,,,,), oh ~ but i do still have kits to purchase,,, if you are still interested in purchasing a kit, please let me know~ i always get so excited when anyone likes a kit i created,,, oh the little things in life,,, anyway, im off to prepare for my 10 year high school reunion ~ should be fun!!!! enjoy the weekend,,,, check out sofia!!! ~peace~

1 comment:

A Sweet Escape said...

I just got my nice yellow package yesterday!!! I was so excited. I can't believe it got here soooo fast!!! Everything looks sooo fun. Thanks Ally!!!


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