Tuesday, September 9, 2008

no new projects to chat about today, just life stuff,,,, we had sofias second birthday party this past saturday,,, so much fun!!!! yeah, a good hundred and somethin' people later,,,,, my in laws, my parents, the hubbs and i all team up and enjoy throwing a fun for all birthday party!!! we had pony rides, the jumpers, a petting zoo, a face painter, a taco man and even a boccie ball tournament for the men. we like everyone that comes, to enjoy themselves ~ especially the parents!!! here is the belle of the ball herself,,,,,
by the way, my mother in law is now in the process of convincing my father in law to get a pony!!!! my kids are so lucky!!!!!
yeah, the kids were actually trying to tell sofia not to put her fingers in the cake!!! haha,,,, yeah right, do what you do baby girl!!!! SPOKEN LIKE A TRUE MOM ;)
good stuff,,,, anyway, i have been going through quite the apron fever as of late,,,, i got these two babies in the mail just today ~ so excited,,,, if you ever want an apron, hit me up for more links, i do lots of research,,, but here is where i got these two babies,,,
and i got this one here,,, a neat lady and a pleasure to work with!!!!
anyway, i had very little to chat about, but dont want to leave my blog unloved,,,, i am currently working on some fun halloween projects!!!! i looooove me some halloween!!!! i hope everyone had an amazing weekend!!!! happy tuesday,,,,

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Lauren Hampton said...

Thanks for the great time. So glad we could share the day with you. Luckily I have that as a good thought of one of the last normal days we had before Matt's surgery. Can't wait to get back to normal!! You're a rockin' cool mom and your family is great. Your kids are so blessed.


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