Saturday, September 6, 2008

class ~ class ~ class,,,,, so this is actually a fun little project,,, i have done it before, but it was before i was teachin'.... i take a day ~ any ol' day that would be considered *normal* ~ by the way ~ what is *normal*?!?!? anyway, i document every piece,,, the kids waking up in the morning, mornin' coffee, breakfast,,, driving and so on,,, i even write down the times and whatever it is we are dong. it is actually a lot of fun ~ especially because ~ as i said, i have done this project before, and i have been able to look back at that project and admire it. i thought it would be fun to put together a mini album ~ that is not so *mini* ~ 11 pages!!!! but anyway, we will be putting together this mini for you to add your photos and notes from the day... i also included some fun and inspiring quotes,,,, i hope you likey!!!!!this class is at ever after * their NEW location* ~ sunday ~ as in next weekend the 14th at 1:00.... i hope to see you there!!!

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quita said...

super cute idea, friend!!!!


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