Friday, October 31, 2008

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! i love halloween ~ so, so, so much!!!! we went to disneyland yesterday. i love disneyland so, so, so much!!!
alright, so are you kinda sick of my personal blog posts?? sorry, i have been completely wrapped up in my own life ~ to be completely honest, i *love* it and i *need* it. but come monday morning, i will be back on the teachin' scrappin' track once again. aside from the card class i have coming up at pink, i put a few dates on ever afters calendar for the holidays. im really excited!! oh, and i will continue to update my scrapbook journal, loves it. alright, im off to bates nut farm!! have a safe halloween!!!!
p.s. it is waaaaaay to hot to be halloween today ~ right?!?!?!


Mom said...

Hi Ally--You never disappoint me, I couldn't wait to get on your blog to check out your Disneyland picture and sure enough you had come and gone already, now you're off to Bates Nut Farm (nice family traditions you're teaching Daniel and Sofia). I'm looking forward to seeing Buzz and Minnie tonight.
Love, Mom

Lauren Hampton said...

I love the personal posts. Kinda makes me feel better that I have none of my work on my blog. We missed you last night but understand for sure. I will work on updating my blog tomorrow.

Loves ya!

quita said...

i love the personal posts!!!!


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