Monday, October 27, 2008

i miss him again already. illinois was beautiful. i think id like to go back. now.
my mom likes him better without the glasses, i like him better with them.


Krystie said... sweet. You guys look SO much a like. Glad you got to see him, sorry you already miss him.

Mom said...

Allyson--What a nice tribute to Tim, I'm as proud of you as I am of him. Thank you for writing to Tim every day (sometimes even twice a day), for traveling to Great Lakes to see him graduate, for telling him over and over how cute he is, and for the many times you said "I'm so proud of you Tim." "Chief" said it all when he told Tim "Your Sister must really love you to have written so many letters."
Love, Mom

Euphoria said...

you guys are so cute! and I'm LOVIN' those glasses!

Lauren Hampton said...

I love your photos. So Kaci inspired with the brick wall! I missed you while you were gone. It looks and sounded as if you had a great trip. Call soon.


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