Monday, October 20, 2008

if i knew what was good for me ~ i would be cleaning my house ~ and not updating my blog. who really likes to do whats good for them?? just a really quick post,,,,
ever after now has a *few* of these kits in stock. take a day, and document every tid bit of it. 6:37 ~ coffee, 7:14 ~ breakfast etc,,,,, its a fun little project.

next. alright, so you got me ~ i am a bit over the top for the creations elsie comes up with. i cant help it. i just adore her child like love and look on life. here is painting of hers that i got about a month ago. still dont have the perfect spot for it. but i will. im really, really starting to think more and more about this thursday ~ when i head off the chicago. i wish my journal that i ordered {also from elsie} would be here on time, but i doubt it. i guess it hasnt even shipped yet,,,, bummer dude. speaking of journals, im thinking that i need to keep one. i have been thinking that, and since she came out with these, i knew it was time. i am very inspired as of late to pay more attention to myself and my feelings. sometimes *we* get so wrapped up in life, we forget to stop and think about what really matters. maybe daniels spill into the fireplace might have had something to do with these thoughts. who knows. maybe ill have more to say later...
but since my elsie journal isnt here yet, i thought i would start right away on a scrapbooking journal. because we all know mama loves taking pictures of herself, i might as well use those in a scrapbook, journal format. here is a layout i threw together really, really, really fast this morning. maybe you remember this same picture. i had it in my blog a little bit ago {cant find the link},,,,,
i love it. clean. simple. hambly. alright, i have taken up waaaay too much of my own time!!!~peace~


Mom said...

Hi Ally--Wow, did you dedicate a page to me? I love the musical notes with a picture of your "come fly with me" bracelet, I'm really and truly touched, thank you. I like your idea about doing the journal, especially on this trip to Great Lakes to see Tim, I know you'll put something together that will be amazing, you know how I love red, white + blue and Navy too.
Love, Mom

Jennifer Priest said...

Oooh have fun in Chicago!! Can't wait to see what you do with the Elsie. As far as housework I am trying to pass mine off as the "lived in" look...its coming along nicely...looks very lived in. Might work for you too--hehe!


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