Wednesday, October 22, 2008

alright, so i know i had mentioned that i wanted to take my new elsie purchases with me on my trip to chicago, but i knew they werent going to be here in time?? well, between you and i, i kinda really, really, really, really thought that they would be here by today,,,,, they werent. i was so set on picturing myself carrying this bag on the air plane that contains one of the journals that i had purchased from her. bummer.
i have been working on my scrapbook journal. i loves it!!! i like the way its looking, but im trying not to *stress* over the way the pages look. my goal is *words* (or better yet emotions) and photos. all i want each page to contain is hambly, hambly, hambly, thickers and hambly rub ons. i just completed this one, kinda thinking about the trip i have coming up. i have never left my children, and gone someplace without them and or ricardo. should be interesting, i know im going to miss them.
notice the layout is pretty much just like the other one i posted?!?! its okay, i like it. im sure you will see it again. clean. simple. hambly. and another layout for my scrapbook journal. this photo also features my ever so trusty, amazing iphone. im in heaven!!! i love it!!!
this layout lays over the back side of the layout below, the music notes fit just perfect. like i said, the journal is moving right along. i wont ~ however be posting all of the layouts. im sure youll understand why,,,, ;-).
well, i will be back sunday night. peace out!!!!
dont mind my fresh from yoga look ~ oh and my new tattoo (???) its from a vending machine. not real, but it sure is pretty. maybe ill get one in chicago!!!
~miss me~

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Gina said...

I love that lay out. I love all the different prints. Cool tattoo, I thought it was real at first!


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