Wednesday, October 15, 2008

keeping right up with my promise,,, here are a few pictures from the polka dot whimsy crop at pink pineapple. let me tell you, missy michelle hill knows how to throw a party!!! you might (or might not) know this about me. I DONT ATTEND CROPS!!! i dont. im not going to throw out my laundry list of reasons why, i just dont like them. that was the old me. by the end of the night, i was begging michelle to throw a quarterly anniversary party crop. oh yeah, p.s. you had me at vodka!!! oh and, before i forget, maybe youre wondering why i decided to attend this crop (??) i was invited by missy pj, and since she lives so far away and was going to be in my neck of the woods, i had to accept!! thanks girly for the invite!!! i was able to spend some fun time with my girly lauren. so there, enough of the intros,,,,,
i dont have any pictures of me scraping, this was a treat. i thought that i wanted to *play*. you know, no classes, just fun times scrapbooking. i cant remember the last time i did a 12X12 layout, and i knew i would need a little push. carrie is on the design team at pink and also is a teacher. an amazing teacher. i have to admit, she has got talent that i envy like crazy!!! so since i needed a little push in the 12X12 direction, i copied her sassafrass layout that is up in the store. the one with the white back ground (that im holding up above) is copied from her. that black back ground layout (down below) was what i came up with to put side by side in the album. and then i got the hambly layout done. yep, there for who knows how many hours and i got four layouts done. oh well, it was fun!!!
cheers ladies!!!
and here is my work,,, kinda fun. im trying to take my scrapbooking in a different direction. more towards *clusters* and *stuff*.
*open roads* title i owe completely to lauren. i suck at titles!!
alright, im out!!!


Krystie said...

LOVE the layouts! sO SO SO jealous that I couldn't stay!

Mom said...

Ally--Ahhhh, I'm so happy you're back on your blog, missed you.

A Sassy Chick said...

Seriously? It is one thing that you got to scrap with my scrapping buddy, but another to gloat about it!

No seriously, I am super happy that you two had a lot of fun. Lauren says nothing but great stuff about you!


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