Tuesday, October 14, 2008

as promised ~ the amazing photographer i spoke of,,, kacey. i dont need to go on and on and on about her amazing and unique sense of style that she puts into her photography, if you have eyes, you know. but i should mention that aside from her unique talent to capture the very best of moment, candid or not, she is one of the sweetest soles i have ever met. seriously. i first met her last year. she did some of our family pictures at ricardos familys ranch (the picture of the four of us on the right side is by kacey). anyway, as soon as i met her, i just knew that was it. our on and on and on and on going quest for the best photographer is over. here she is, straight from heaven!!! and again, let me stress to you, she isnt local. i didnt hire she because she was "in the area". i have been waiting and waiting for her to be back in our area for months. she lives in arizona, but is often enough in southern california. we had this session planned for months and months because i had to have her,,,,, anyway these are a few of the pictures she has posted on her blog, the rest of our shoot is here. last years shoot is here. and an amazing shoot of people that i dont know is here. this couple hired kacey to fly out to new york to take their engagement pictures,,,, im so happy,,,,,


The England Family said...

Absolutely beautiful...love the feel of the pictures! Totally my style!

pj said...

love them all!!!

tisha said...

loooove the new 'kacey' pics!!!
you didn't even put my favorite one on your blog! - i love the one on her blog, with you and rica kissing in the background and then the 2 kiddos kissing too! i loooooove it!

Mom said...

Allyson--I just checked out your blog. Wow is what I have to say about your family pictures, they're beyond cute and so unique. Sofia's tu tu was absolutely perfect, I LOVED IT, you were so right in picking that out for her, it's so her and so you. I'm very impressed. I really want to get a family picture to hang on my wall. I loved the black Converse shoes on all four of you. Sofia's outfit stole the show, just the right amount of pink. WOW one more time.
Love, Mom


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