Saturday, October 4, 2008

okay, so i totally know i have NO business updating my blog right now ~ seeing as though i need to be getting my kids ready to send off the the wild animal park with hubbs so i can go teach a class in murrieta, but im so sick of my fat preggers lookin' feet being the first post on my blog, i HAD to do it!!!! so what else?? a new class of course. ever after, sunday 19th of october 1:00. my little *haunted castle* creation should be there very soon for you to go peek at.... ahhh,,,, alright, no more looking at my fat feet!!!!! have a good weekend!!!

1 comment:

Ally fan said...

Ally--Tap, tap, tap, you've had one week off, I love going to your site to see what's new, won't you please update it for all of us that look forward to being cheered up by you?! Thank you in advance.
An Ally fan


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