Monday, October 13, 2008

hi,,, sorry i havent been around much,,, what can i say?? life. i have to admit since i got back from mexico, i have ignored my blog. i know i have, but sometimes it just plain out happens. one good reason for ignoring my blog is this ~ my kid brother is in navy boot camp. he has been needing as much love as we can ship in a 5X7 card. i have spent a lot of my free time ~ (did i just say free time??) ~ correction BLOG time ~ sending him support in the form of a card that always includes pictures from home. so if you have been checking in and seeing the same ol' haunted castle class post (p.s. did you sign up for that class yet), im sorry. at least youre not looking at my fat feet anymore....
two pictures that cant wait,,,,
i took my kiddos to the wild animal park yesterday. we all got our faces painted. ricardo was golfing, so it was just me and my prides and joys.
the other?!?!? look who i ran into ~ again!!!! i promised that the next time i saw him, i would name him. im gonna call him david, dont ask why. it just fits ;-) im glad im not the only *david* fan, these cards have to be selling because they are putting him on every upcoming occasion. i cant see what hell be up to for christmas
i do plan on this
~ posting pictures from my trip south of the border
~ raving about the crop that i attended this past weekend at pink pineapple hosted by the one and only, beautiful michelle hill,,, let me just say i had an amazing time, i will post about that,,,
~ i have the very, very, very, best photographer in the whole wide world. i promise. she is from arizona, lives there i mean, so i defiantly didnt hire her cause shes a local, she is just that good.... ill give you more information about her too,,,,
~ i found another amazing, amazing etsy shop. its so rad. trust me.
so with that ~ im gonna go drink some wine. i need to. but ill keep this baby (as in blog ~ not baby, baby) updated more this week you know, "because mom said so". thank you mom, for your support.

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Euphoria said...

"David" is SO fabulous!! Sed him to your brother! :-)

It was nice to see ya this weekend!


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