Wednesday, December 17, 2008

im pretty sure that by todays end my house will be, whats the term?? *gone with the wind*. the wind is howling like an hungry tiger in the back yard. the rain is slapping against the windows as if it, too is afraid of the wind and wants to be let inside. my childrens play house got tossed across the yard as if it was of no weight. and yes. i feel very poetic right now, thanks for asking. :-) heheee,,, alright, thats enough of my poetry, unless of course you want me to come to your local coffee house and read you more home written poetry as you sip your non-fat, no foam latte?? sure, you can book me!!!
really though, by todays end this kit will be up in my etsy shop.
take care of yourself!! be safe.
i have new news and exciting changes brewing in my head, mind and heart. i cant wait for the new year!!!

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A Sweet Escape said...

"If I could escape, and re-recreate a place that my own world, and I could beee your favorite girl"..Awesome Gwen Stefani know I'm getn this one!!!


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