Thursday, December 18, 2008

have you ever had that crazy dream, correction, nightmare where it is eight days before christmas and you still had to create two-hundred-and-fifty christmas cards?!?!?! its a scary one. i lived it. yesterday. some how, i pulled it off. of course i didnt do everything yesterday. a lot of the pieces were ready, but just not assembled. i put together two hundred and fifty cards yesterday. nuts. i feel so much better today, {mentally. physically, well im noticing that this post is actually hurting my hand, the right one specifically. it hurts a lot}. anyway. whatever. IM DONE!! heck yes!!
oh, *if i could escape* is now for sale in my etsy shoppie shop!!
oh, annnnd im kinda keeping a little side blog action. well, its not a bloggie blog, but its flickr. i love it. ive been updating other goodies there, go check it out. great, like i need another reason to be on the computer. would you believe me if i told you that three years ago {yes, three} i didnt even have an email address?!?!?! true story, not-a-one email address!! now i have one, two, three, four,,, no, i think five email addresses. why?? because im lame and i try to keep projects separate. like i need that many, but hey, they are free so it works, right?? dont be mad at me, ive never come across the problem where my user name was taken. nobody else in the world shares my name, so its okay.
annnddddd my card class samples are done!! they will be in the store tomorrow. hopefully,,, ahem,, ill post those tomorrow.


Lauren Hampton said...

Hells yeah baby! I totally cheated this year and did costco photo cards. I've been doing that for a few years now. Hmmm, I guess it's not cheating anymore. Either way, did fifty today. Good job on yours. I an remember hand stamping about 80 in a sitting. Of course they all had to be embossed. Somehow I don't miss that part of it. But I must say, the Fv post office rocks if you need a good, fast way to buy stamps and mail. I went there today with NO line. LOVES IT!

ally serrato said...

oh yeah, no worries there Lauren, the *peace on earth* on the card I have there is wet embossed. I'm still feeling your pain girl!! xoxo


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