Sunday, December 14, 2008

this was fun!!! although i have to admit, im not too sure if im good at give aways,,, i want everyone to get something!! i so, so, so appreciate you ladies coming out from behind your computers and introducing yourself. or for those of you whom i know, thanks for the continued support and love. thank you for reading my blog. i love all of you. please, lets not be strangers anymore. say hi every now and again. okay?? glad we had this talk. it looks as though nobody else is gonna play, so here we go,,,, i did go ahead and pick two. i was so excited,,, daniel went first,,,,
like my tight grip on his arm??? oops,,, mamas gotta get a picture bubba, sorry. :-D. then it was tinkerbells turn. this is how we roll on lazy days, dada might do the pig tails and sofia might just want to rock her tinkerbell costume. i love it.
ohhh, the winners???
Cassi said...
I've been reading your bog ever since I took a class of yours (acrylic album with aqua and white hambly) at Ever no need to be shy. Thanks for all of your project pictures - they help get the ideas flowing.And I noticed that you said you like reggae. Have you tried Slightly Stoopid? They're a local band that's pretty great.
*****thanks cassi, and of course i remember you, i totally do. hows the puppy??*****
Robin said...
My name is Robin (I have always thought my name was GROSS and BORING). My fav band of ALL Time is dUrAN dUrAN. My favorite color is PiNk!!! Ally you RAWK!!!!!
*****i think your name is pretty*****
thanks so much ladies {again} for the support and encouragement. i love you!! robin and cassi, please send me your address so i can ship of your kits!!! you won this kit. i hope you likey. thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you,,,, i love you!!!


A Sweet Escape said...

Your little girl is soo cute!! I love her costume!! tink is my fave too!!

Robin said...

Thank you Sofia 4 pulling my (GROSS and BORING) name. Ally your kids are sooooo CUTE!!! Thanks again 4 the RAK!!


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