Sunday, January 18, 2009

alright, so i know i have made this pretty clear in the past, but i havent said it lately. i am so, so, so happy and honored to be a part of the pink pineapple *anything*. i teach there and i feel so blessed to contribute even that little bit to the store. they are an amazing team of ladies with nothing but positive vibes the moment you walk through that adorable door. im gushing. I HAVE THE BIGGEST CRUSH ON PINK PINEAPPLE. for those of you that live in the area, you are so lucky to be able to shop there whenever youd like. those of you out of the area, if you are ever in southern california, you must make a point of visiting this cutie pie store. stop by, say hello, introduce yourself. they would love, love it. thats just how they roll. and i love it. its like a preview of what heaven will be like, because i plan on scraping when im in heaven. :-D anyway,,,, why i started this in the first place,,, these are my classes for february. the first one is my monthly card class. ohhh,,, i have a great idea,,, i need a cutie pie name for my card class. i do. badly. i think that im gonna do a contest. hmm,,, but i need a good amount of class titles to pick from, so i need at least 10 to 15 entries, {even more would be really rad}. leave me a comment with a suggestion as to what i can call my card class and i will pick one in a few days,,, ohh,,, i like this spontaneous, random idea. fun!! again. anyway,,,, here is a peak at my card class that im teaching at the ever so popular pink pineapple. class is 8th february at 12~noon. call to sign up (760)598*2222
nexxxxxt,, is my layout class. part of the *get er done* series. you have to say it just like it sounds *get er done*, like a cowboy. its much better that way. anyway, {man i am all over the place right now},,, *girls just wanna have fun* class is sunday 22nd february at 2:00. call (760)598*2222. of course im teaching it here, of course.
nice. so leave me a comment with a suggestion of what you think i should call my card class. include your name and where you live and i will post the winner in a few days. thank you {in advance} for your fun ideas!!! ill be sad if i dont have any suggestions,,,, ;-D no pressure or anything though,,,,,


Robin said...

My name is Robin and I live in Cypress.

Sugar Kisses
Sealed With A Kiss
Signed Sealed Delivered I'm Yours
Dangerously In Love

Ally, that is all I have for now:)

A Sweet Escape said...

my husband says:

sweety treatys
sweet treats
sweetsies treatsies
and more to come he says..LOL!!

Ms. Danielle Pasciuto said...

I have a CruSH on *Pink* cards!

Denise & Griff said...

Ally-Oop Cards & Notes
Ally-Oop Designs
Appropriately Ally
It's in the Cards

Denise & Griff said...

A couple more...

Handmade is Bestmade
Absolutely Ally
Loop-de-Loo with Ally-Oop

Robin said...

Love Is In The Air
Got Love?
Love Is...
Sugar Rush
Lost In Love
Love Is A Wonderful Thing
Crazy Little Thing Called love


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