Tuesday, January 27, 2009

so i signed up for elsies and rachels online class PRETTY *so excited* and they had a little entry interview. kinda fun, thought i would share,,,

*Name, location
ally serrato ~ san diego, cali
*What was the last crafty thing you worked on?
scrapbooking. like,,, a few seconds before i got on the computer. lately i have been working on my scrapbook journal and my baby brothers scrapbook, {he is in the navy} aww,, cute baby brother <3>
*How much time do you get to spend making
such a good question. i dont know. i bet if i counted the hours i would be happy because i think its a lot!! or maybe not,, maybe like 12 to 16 to 20 {a really good week} hours.
*What is your favorite medium to work in, or what are your 'go to' materials?
paper {scrapbooking}, paint, felt, fabric, ribbons, glitter, buttons,, {am i off track???}
*When did you realize you were a crafter?
i have been on a sewing machine for as long as i can remember. my mom always had hers out, so i would sneak on and play around and make goodies. not to mention making *friendship* bracelets {DMC floss} as a young child over and over and over,,, honestly, for as long as i can remember, i have been a crafter. always finding new goodies to play with,,,
*What would your dream studio would look like?
i actually have a great space. my problem is organization. i need it so bad. i buy goodies faster than i use them {i know its a problem}, but like i said, i love my space. i just need it cleaner and organized!! help!! ;-D
*Something you'd like to learn this year?
anything. im open {which means, nothing is coming to mind},,,, really, though, im open,,,,
*Have you ever been in/attended a craft show?
does CHA count?? then yes, i have been to a craft fair, last year. {hi elsie, we met}!! im going again this year. excited, but totally gonna miss you elsie!!!
*What are your favorite spring color combos?
ohh, i like elsie answers,,, i love pinks, aqua, orange, fuchsia, the whites are rad. i like my colors really bright and fun!!!
*Favorite new music?
i am crazy about reggae lately. i cant get enough of it and im trying to get a good artist suggestion. anybody have a good reggae artist suggestion for me?? ,,,anyway, i love reggae. lots!! *Favorite place for inspiration in your town?
ha!! my town?? it doesnt have much. not even a grocery store.
if it has to be in my town, then id have to say my laptop!!
sad, i know. there is nothing out here {valley center}.
bates nut farm is a great spot for photos, does that count??
*Which projects are you most looking forward to?
totally the apron. you had me at hello with that one.
i had to sign up, i totally felt like i missed out last time
around,,, so excited!!! oohhh,, and the picnic blanket.
fun!! i want to sew more this year,,
thanks ladies!! so excited!!! you both inspire me like crazy!!
,,,and there you go,,, i am very excited about this project!!!

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Toni said...

You might just have to show me how to do that stuff after you take the class!


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