Wednesday, January 28, 2009

wanna see a ton of photos that made my heart sing from cha??? i gotta tell you, i will be posting about cha for the next few days,,,, i have a ton of photos; layouts, projects, me :-D, us, just good stuff. i was so honored to be by the side of my favorite scrapbook store in the whole wide world and in the company of carrie, teri, krystie.
the first booth we hit up was 7gypsies. amazing. i want to own every single piece of the 7 gypsies collection and hide in a basement to see what kind of mixed media, poppet influenced, eclectic creation i can come up with up. i love 7 gypsies. :-D. this is rad,,,,
i love the rub on on this little piece,,,
a new collection that im hoping the pink gets in,,, then i can play, play, play!!!
this picture frame is awesome,,, little brads with photos in the center. not from 7 gypsies, from chatterbox.
im kicking myself,,,
hambly is one of my all time favorite companies and i didnt take very many pictures in the booth,,, but i did see these pillows and loved them!!!! and i adore allison like crazy!!! more later,,,,,
the pebbles wall. i guess there arent new {???}. this wall was very inspiring,,, awesome chicks working that booth also, always a plus!!!
ki memories,,, loved these babies,,, sheer 12X12 sheets. *sigh*
i loved this line,, *peyton* anna griffin ranger products are always so fun!!! how amazing is this alcohol ink display?? *loves*
tim holtz booth. love this new grunge *sheets*. this little baby was inked, dyed, stripped and stitched back together. fun, fun, fun!!!
great pieces huh??
a little shot from the
teresa collins booth. what a doll that little lady is. i finally met her and she was just as sweet as everyone says she is. what a classy lady. oh yeah and her products. :-D but of course i would, always do!!!! i thanked her for showing my blog love!!!
saving my very favorite for last,,,, sassafrass lass baby!!! *sigh* *sigh* *sigh*. i adore each and every creation this company has ever came up with. love!!!
i just realized,,, how do i not have any prima pictures in this post?? they were in my *show favorite* list,,, well, like i said, this is only the beginning baby!!! hope you likey like i do!!! i cant wait to play. oh yeah, so after cha i took a class from celine navaro. yeah, hi, shes from france!!! rad!! which will, also be a who nother post!!! what have you seen that you loves??


A Sweet Escape said...

AAAHHHH!!! I love all the stuff!!! Can't wait for all of it to come to the Pink!!! so exciting!!!

Toni said...

How could you not take any pictures of the Hambly booth. Am I going to have to come and hurt you? HA HA HA!!! Great pictures girlie!! The Chatterbox brads are neat to put the picture in ,, but they are on the pricey side!! I can't wait to see more pics!! Keep em' coming!!

Robin said...

Thanks 4 the pics:) I can't wait to purchase the goodies!!!

euphoria said...

WOW- so cool!! Love all the photos and those hambly pillows rock!

Did you see Paris Hilton? Vanna White?

Glad you had fun, can't wait to see more!

Carrie said...

It was FUN...yummy, yummy product...hmmmm...Love it! Thanks for the memories Ally!


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