Friday, February 6, 2009

alright, i couldnt stand to miss another challenge deadline, so yesterday i whipped this baby together for the olw challenge. challenge #44 word is living. this is what i came up with. a little different for me, but i likey,,,*i am living a life that far exceeds what my dreams were made of*
~*~*~yeah, hi little {side note action} ~ just spell checked my post, turns out i have a little spelling problem in my word *exceeds*,,, man, am i ever gonna get these challenges right?? geezzzz,,, bummer dude!!!! man, i so should have known better too, i know my spelling is, how you say *not so much*,,,,~*~*~


Danielle P. said...

Ally...did you use turquoise streamer and thread the center to have that effect??? Thanks

ally serrato said...

yes ~ i did danielle :-D

Lynn said...

I LOVE it! Thanks for playing along!

gudrun said...

Your LO is gorgeous. :)


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