Thursday, February 5, 2009

*~*~*alright, so im lame,,, i went to *submit* my layout, and im too late,,,, bummer dude*~*~*
gloria has inspired me to do more scrapbook challenges. she loves them and encouraged me to give it a try. *thank you gloria*. i knew of a few scrap challenge blogs out there so i started with scrapmojo. their challenge 29 was this,,,

Our next challenge comes with a big "POW", "CRACK", "BOOM". Everyday life can be stressful. We know you all have your own mini adventures going on around your house and some might even call you a superhero. We fight battles big or small and fix many many things. We want to know what superhero name you would give yourself. It can be something silly or maybe something really heartfelt. Whatever it may be we want to see you scrap it. The second part of the challenge is to tear something. A paper or a book page anything just tear it and use it on your creation.

here is what i came up with,,,, *i am the pink ninja* :-D fun!!
likey?? i do!! thank you gloria for the inspiration and thank you scrapmojo for a fun first blog challenge for me!!! ekk,,, i hope i win!!!!


euphoria said...

I love this LO!! It's so awesome- that pic is HILARIOUS!

Hope you are feeling better!

Danielle P. said...

The layout is absolutely awesome!!! YOu totally would have won!!!

Toni said...

Yes ,, you are the Pink Ninja!!! Cuz you kick a$$!!

Punk Rock Scrappers said...

Bonus points for using the comic book page in the background! And the word "ninja". There just isn't enough "ninja" in the world...


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