Wednesday, February 18, 2009

you know meeee,, challenge blog crazy lady over here {thanks again G} :-D. seriously, i am having the very best time busting out these babies like nobodies business. i have been back and forth about 12X12 layouts,,, orrr 8 1/2X11. i think for the challenge blogs, im gonna continue on with the 8 1/2X11. it just feels better. anywayyyy,,, so as i said, challenge blogs,, i have been stumbling across a few here and there, choosing the blogs that are more suited towards uhmm,, *me* and what is more my stelo. ya know?? in the next day or so, ill introduce you to another challenge blog that is brand spanking new, and totally rad. i love it already,, but for now,,,, here is my take on the effer dares challenge #127. im totally not sure if there is a deadline, i dont think there is,,, right?!?! i think its a blog more for having fun and inspiration. yes?? is it?? so, i busted out an old RVA kit that i have by lugging to and from crops and still had yet to use it,, but it totally worked for this layout {MAN I SURE KNOW HOW TO MAKE A SHORT STORY LONG,,,, HUH???},,,, and since i have yet to do a challenge for this blog, it only made sense to start with this challenge. *im a _____ virgin*. ha!! perfect. i just so happened to be an effer dares virgin. perfect. now that im no longer an effer dares virgin, you can count on seeing more of my takes on their challenges,,, here is my first,,,,,
and i soooo gonna do this challenge. ive got it all up in the noggin, stewing and stirring,,,, its gonna be rad!!!


A Sweet Escape said...

Super cute layout!!! I love the background paper, and that skull button!!

Toni said...

So cute! You're so creative ,, so I'm gonna trip you next time I see you ,,,LOL!!!! j/k


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