Saturday, March 28, 2009

finally!!!! im back posting from my laptop!!! thank youuuuuu!! i have fun goodies to share,,, i dont even know where to begin,,, it just feels so good to have my trustie laptop right here,,,, i am very proud of some famous friends on mine,,,,, carrie was the lucky winner of the sassafrass lass blinkie give away and they went ahead and featured all her amazing work that shes done with sassafrass. im taking this class of hers and its gonna be so fun!!!! CONGRATS CARRIE!!!! :-D
then there is jessica ~ she was also featured on a blog yesterday. american crafts. because of this amazing tattoo,,, i saw it yesterday and its even better in person!!! so yeah. i pretty much have the coolest friends in the whole wide world!!! :-D
oh ~ i got a new tattooooooo!!!!!!!!!
i have so much fun stuff to share,,, ill share over the next few days,,, :-D
~*~*~oh i wanted to add this ~ if sorry if i havent gotten back to *you* in regards to anything,,, not having my laptop has been tough,,, but im back now and ready to participate in full swing in the internet world!!!!


Elaine R said...

OMG! I can't wait to see pics of your tattoo! You're making me want to get another one! lol

Carrie said...

Thanks for the mention,'re so sweet...and, I am so stoked for Jessica!!!...Thant's awesome!, I can't wait to see yours ;)

Beth Perry said...

those look like awesome pot holders! i saw sass' blog, too. So awesome!
Hope you are having a fun weekend!

Anonymous said...

oh how cool. that class looks fabulous!!! and that tattoo is amazing!! I can't wait to see yours! :] I want to get one on my arm. :]

ally serrato said...

elaine ~ do it!!! get another!!!
carrie ~ youre the best ~ so proud to be friends with you and have the honor of late night text message to you for inspiration,,,,
beth ~ youre so rad ~ i love your profile picture!!!
bekah ~ do it!!!!!


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