Friday, March 27, 2009

totally random ~ totally not scrapbook related,,, but rad none the less,,,, we got a hybrid yukon this past summer, you know when gas was like one million dollars for a half a gallon?? yeah,,, anyway, so we thought it would be a great idea to save on some gas considering that i live out in the middle of nowhere,,, not to mention im all in on being eco~friendly and all that jazz,,, i love it,,, anyway, so, we bite the bullet ~ go hybrid ~ what happens?? gas drops from one million dollars a half a gallon to fifty cent for four gallons ~ nice. sweet. rad people thinks its still cool to remind me about eight months ago when i was justifying this car,,, "oh no biggie, the amount i drive it will pay for itself",,, yeah. whatever. anyway, the other day i was driving,,, looked down at my gas gage,, you gotta be kidding me ~ i re-set my gas mileage thingie every time i re-fuel. promise. you see this right baby!!!!total *running* trip ~ 148.4 miles,,, notice the gas gage??? dude, tell me im not getting my moneys worth,,, liar!!!! i love this car,,, did i mention its a yukon ~ big ol car!!! go get yer self a hybrid ~ its so rad to be earthy and stuff :-D
p.s. *no* my gas gage isnt broken. promise. :-D


A Sweet Escape said...

Shut the front door!!! that is freaken awesome!!! im gonna use this as evidence to show my husband!! lol!

Beth Perry said...

hahhaa Hey girl!! So glad you stopped by! Haven't seen you in a while!
I hope you have a great weekend! heee


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