Monday, March 16, 2009

i played along with the effer dares challenge *i collect*,,, i continue to play along with their challenges but have given up submitting them,, i dont know if they check 'em or not,,, so now i play along but like a ninja,,, nobody really knows,,,, :-)simple ~ right?? but still kinda fun,,,, oh yeah ~ i totally collect rad flair!!! really though only use it in my scrapbooks,,, maybe a piece here and there on my scrapbook tote,,, im pretty sure im gonna play this one again,,, im kinda a collector and i like this one,,, i kinda wanted to do one for my collection of vintage *inspired* aprons!!! i hope your weekend is rockin'!!!



Elaine said...

ohhhh what a FUN collection! The page is delightful tooo!

"like a ninja..."
i like that.

A Sweet Escape said...

aww..this layout is super cute!! man chicky, you are crankin those layouts..i haven't done any!! you'll be to 365 in no time!!

euphoria said...

super cute- love the flair!!

I LOVE this photo of you- SO pretty!

ally serrato said...

elaine ~ jessica ~ nely ~ you guys rock ~ thanks for the comments!!


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