Sunday, March 15, 2009

whats up ~ whats up!?!?!? new punk rock scrappers challenge up and waiting for you to rock!!! this challenge blog is so much fun ~ i cant even stand it!!! i am corporate tool ~ and how,,,, i had to go with a tribute to my old boss,,, when i used to work at a corporate office my boss used to encourage us to spend a ton of cash,, go into debt so that we would be trapped in his little cubicles. ha ~ jokes on him, i got my little rag top and peaced out of that joint!!! so, you know *thanks a lot boss for the spending money advice* i loved that little ride!!! soooo,,, you gonna go play along?!?!?


Anonymous said...

i love this layout girl! How funny is that advice your boss gave....crazy people...I love your layout for the challenge as well, if I haven't told you that already. te he.

<3 B

Mom said...

Ally--What a treat, two postings in one day! I loved the picture of your hot rod, plus, look how plain the house looks without the creeping fig (I need to show that to Dad so he can appreciate it). I'll call you in a bit.
Love, Mom

A Sweet Escape said...

geez!! I wasn't able to check your blog while i was gone...i was dying!! i just walked in the door dropped my bag and loaded up your blog!!! geez...i missed so much stuff!! My husband thinks I'm a nut!!!! gotta get the ally!!!


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