Saturday, March 7, 2009

i wanted to play along with the effers dares challenge 129 ~ what are you guilty of. you know, since i couldnt really think of *anything* to be guilty of,,, i went with the whole, camera hog ~ cant stop taking pictures of myself route. you know, because thats just about as far as my guilt goes,,,, {ahem, ahem},,,, anyway,, here is my little 8 1/2 X 11 layout,,,,,going to vegas kicked my butt. i am {as of tomorrow} exactly where i should be for my 365 layouts, where as a week ago i was projecting ahead of the game. oh no!!! not to mention, im feeling a little sick {again} or {still} however you wanna look at it. i want to post pictures from vegas, but my laptop is sick {again} or {still} ~ again ~ however you wanna look at it. i sneak over to my hubbys office to use the computer whenever i get a chance,,, but i dying without my laptop,,,, :-(. other than that,,, im gonna start my updates at 5:00 am as apposed to 8:00 am,, {in case you care},,, i know that there were a *few* of you {mom included} that wanted earlier posts to start their day. *cute*. so there you go,,,, 5:00 am it is. ask and you shall receive!!!! remember my card class tomorrow!!!! oh,, sorry for the randomness of this post,,,, :-)


spell-checker-quita said...

oh no friend........ you spelled 'guilty' wrong!!!!

Vicki said...

hehe i thought the same thing too!!!! fabby layout tho xx

ally serrato said...

ha!!! thanks guys ~ i feel soooooo lame!!!!! but this is kinda funny too ~ right??? :-D

Krystie said...

very funny and definitely was just gonna say a lil sumthing sumthing...but guess i was beat to the chase


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